One way to start your week well!

I was in the gym this morning, in between sets, when a man in his 50s got my attention. I took my headphones out and he said, “I wish I was still able to do all those moves your doing. I just can’t do that kind of core work anymore. Keep it up!” I thanked him and went back into my work out, but his words have rang in my ears all morning. Until then, I had taken my physical ability for granted. I presumed upon health and youth – I took them for granted.

If your Mondays are anything like mine, there are to-do lists, appointments, crazy schedules, the burdens of the week – it’s nuts. And for my friends who work at churches – this is Holy Week (which is really more like “Holy (Cow I have so much to do) Week”).

Just in case you don’t have an encounter like I did this morning, I want to challenge you to pause and give thanks this morning. I believe the one way to start your week well is with gratitude.

Take 5 minutes and make a list of 10 things you are grateful for this morning. Pause long enough to thank God for His blessings in your life. Even if you are facing incredible difficulty this week (like my friend whose son was diagnosed with leukemia last week), I believe you still have something to be grateful for.

Here’s my list.