The Friday Collection

I’ve seen a lot of interesting things online over the last week that I thought I would share with you. If you’re looking for weekend reading, you’ve come to the right place!

The KONY 2012 Controversy. Invisible Children‘s social media blitz blew up my Facebook and Twitter feeds this week, leading to 30 million views of a 30 minute documentary on YouTube. This post unpacks the controversy in a fairly balanced way. I resonate with the perspectives of both sides, while recognizing the need in places like Uganda is far more complicated than we comprehend. Neither aid nor awareness will solved the challenges faced by the tens of nations on that continent. Moments like this make me thankful for the work of Moffat and Doreen Zimba and our friends at Northrise University who are educating and empowering a generation in a sustainable way – through high-quality education.

God’s Sovereignty and Tornadoes.¬†Not long after Pat Robertson questioned the sufficient number or quality of the prayers from those affected, John Piper wrote a blog unpacking the theological perspective of one group, while Roger Olson of Truett Seminary responded representing another group. Interesting conversation. I resonate with Andy Stanley who tweeted about the perplexing nature of the conversation.

Passion Week is less than a month away. I’m on a team that is planning North Phoenix’s Passion Week experiences – Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday (morning and evening). You can get more information on those services here. I’m getting excited and posted yesterday about a way we can journey to Easter together. I am also hoping to check out New City Church’s Good Friday/First Friday Artwalk installation in Downtown Phoenix that night.

Harold Camping Announces He’s Done with Doomsday Predications. The man who was behind the May 21, 2011 “End of the World” signs that covered cities across our country has repented and recanted. (I wrote about the signs here). The signs went global; I took the picture above along a road in Zambia in July 2011. While I feel like Camping still fudged some in his “confession”, I am glad that he is done making a fool of himself and trying to predict what none of us can know.

The Scariest Seder Ever. A friend posted this picture on her Facebook yesterday and I found it freaky and fascinating at the same time. I think these would’ve scarred me as a child.

Barefoot running is awesome. My good friend and FiveFinger guru, Jason Isaak, shared some hilarious videos with me last week (here and here). I run wearing FiveFingers 3-4 times a week and love the shoes. Danalyn wears hers to and from work too. No matter where we are, someone inevitably stops us to ask about the shoes. The videos are funny and ridiculously accurate.

Thanks for checking out my first Friday Collection. Have a great weekend!