Not the Final Outcome

I know a lot of people who have endured a significant amount of suffering in the last few years. Cancer, miscarriage, addictions, divorce, job loss, foreclosure, bankruptcy, injustice, abuse.

On a recent spiritual retreat (which I wrote about here and here), I saw this quote from a Catholic nun.

This is so true! But this is so hard to see when you’re in the middle of death. When you are (as I’ve said previously) living between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. When the dawn has not come and the night is still incredibly dark. Suffering does seem to be the final outcome because nothing else seems to be coming or possible. It is in these moments that we must claim Resurrection power strongly, when we need each other deeply.

As I read that quote, I wrote in my journal – “I’m not the Resurrection person I need to be; I’ve just begun.”

With Easter just 10 days away and Passion Week nearly upon us, I wanted to share a prayer that I am praying over everyone who reads this post. Everyone who nodded their head when they read my post about needing Resurrection. My friend who emailed me who felt like giving up. My friend who wants to begin living differently, but keeps getting hammered by life. For all of you, this is my prayer.

In the midst of all the places we are struggling to hope and believe

Speak to our hearts 

Renew our spirits

Fill our views with Resurrection

Help us to live it out every day

Remind us that at one time

every one of your followers were here too – completely hopeless

We are not alone

This is not the end