Recognizing an Everyday Missionary in our Midst: Jeff Harding

This Sunday night at Crash, we will continue our series, Revolution: Living as an Everyday Missionary, with a special evening. North Phoenix will be ordaining my great friend, Jeff Harding, to the Gospel Ministry.

Jeff grew up at NPHX. He was highly involved as a junior high and high school student and volunteered in our high school and college ministry before graduating from ASU with a degree in political science. After graduation, Jeff moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. He will graduate with his Masters in Christian Education on May 12th and is anticipating beginning work as a full-time student minister this summer.

I met Jeff for the first time when I volunteered in NPHX’s High School Ministry as a college student myself. He was one of the first students I got to know well in NPHX’s College Ministry when I came on staff to work with that group in 2006. He was one of my student leaders and he served as an usher in my wedding. Jeff actively attended Crash during these years. We felt Crash would be a great venue for his ordination service.

As we’ve been talking about what it means to be an everyday missionary in our current Crash series, Jeff similarly feels his calling as an everyday missionary is to work with middle and high school students in the context of a local church. The service on Sunday night will not only allow us to affirm Jeff’s calling, but it will be a great opportunity for you to consider how and where God is leading you to be an everyday missionary. Unlike some ordination services, this service is not “the Jeff show” but a chance for all of us to reflect on how God is leading us to love and serve with our lives.

If you live in the Phoenix area or are a good friend of Jeff’s, I encourage you to join us for this 6pm service in the NPHX Chapel. You can get directions here.

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