Revolution – New series at Crash

As a pastor, I’ve been thinking about this question – “How do you follow up on Easter?” I mean, how do you improve on Resurrection? Well, to be honest, you can’t. But as we come down from that high, we are challenged with the reality of how we live out the Resurrection everyday. We are faced with the question – how do I live a Resurrected life? And how does the Resurrection connect with our everyday life?

At my church, we talk about being a Christ-centered people, living God’s love in the heart of our city. That’s our vision for who our church will become in the future and what she will do. But, practically, what does that look like and what are some steps to help us get there.

Our new series on Sunday nights at Crash (North Phoenix’s Sunday evening service) is entitled Revolution: Living as an Everyday Missionary. I’ve included a video below, where I explain the context for this series. I hope you will join us on Sunday nights at 6pm beginning this Sunday, April 15.


  1. Aren’t we really talking about Discipleship, i.e. making disciples? and if so, why not just call it “making disciples” as opposed to being a missionary. I love Spurgeon…I was just curious about the terminology.

  2. Aren’t we really talking about “Discipleship”…i.e. making disciples? Just curious about the terminology. Spurgeon is cool.

  3. As you can see I am a real computer genius. How many times will I submit the same post? LOL

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