Why I loathe Valentine’s Day

I do my best to avoid cynicism and negativity, but the last week has driven me over the edge. Multiple trips to the grocery store, commercials on TV, and special Valentine’s day superstores – I just can’t take it anymore.

The flowers with their inflated prices to take advantage of guys who will pay the money.

The self-centeredness and narcissism being fueled and manipulated in both genders who are told they must give someone else a great gift to get their own gift in return.

Instead of being intentional all year, guys dump a bunch of money into one night with the creativity of a Nickelback song.

So, before you click away because I am ranting, I wanted to say this to my brothers out there:

Tomorrow, don’t buy her flowers, take her to dinner and then go see The Vow.

Do something creative. Surprise her. Spend less and think more. Make it a great evening.

And then do the same thing next week, and the next week, and in March and May and July. If you’re married, make the commitment to pursue your wife/girlfriend more than one day a year.

You will see plenty of ads and have to navigate through an insane grocery store for the next two days. But your wife/girlfriend will thank you when the promotion has moved on to Easter and you are still putting in the work.

If you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as one of many times this year when you are creative and intentional in your relationship, AWESOME! If you are throwing everything in the pink-heart-shaped-basket-you-paid-too-much-for…c’mon man!

Let’s change how we do Valentine’s Day this year. There’s still time!

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