what’s the big deal with the resurrection?

I gave this message at North Phoenix Baptist Church on Sunday, July 24, 2011 during our 10:30am service. This message is a culmination of a conversation I have been leading with others, including Dr. Maxie Burch, at Crash, an alternative worship service at North Phoenix, and here on the blog. My friend, Whitney Stroupe, (who is an incredible artist) painted in the background during the entire service and illustrated resurrection beautifully. (A picture is below the video). Mad props to my friend Dave Warner for editing this video down under 500MB so it could be posted here on Vimeo! And I owe a lot to N.T. Wright who has mentored me from afar through his book, Surprised by Hope, about resurrection and a host of other things. Oh and thanks to my wife Dani and my focus group who helped make this message so much better than it originally was!

For those who missed it, check it out below. For those who watched it, I encourage you to share this with someone it would challenge or inspire.


  1. Scott,
    This sermon was for me. You touched on every bit of what is going on in my life right now. It’s been Friday for me for so long and I am painstakinly waiting for Sunday to come. Amazing message. I know many people like myself needed to hear it at just the right time.

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