Freedom – Week 2

It was great to have my friend, James Brown, with us last night at Crash.  James is the associate pastor of Collegeview Baptist Church in Mesa and good friend from my time at Golden Gate Seminary.  James blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter (he is @modernonesimus).

He continued our series, Freedom, and I took a ton of notes, some of which I will share below.

-Big Idea: Sometimes, we use our freedom to create bondage.

-Your perspective on the world changes everything.

-Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning illustrates that when it comes to freedom, perspective is everything.  Frankl was in a concentration camp, yet he looked for one moment of “freedom” each day and lived from “moment” to “moment”.

-In Deuteronomy 6:10-12, God calls the people to not forget God, to remember God.  The issue here is entitlement.  They knew they were the chosen people of God, so they felt that God somehow owed them.

-We (ab)use our freedom to create bondage by becoming entitled (my re-wording of James’ point here – with permission of course!).

-Where in your life do you feel that God owes you?

-When you feel like God owes you, you give up a little bit of your freedom…

-If everything we do is an act of worship, then everything we are and do is either worshiping God or building idols.

-Sometimes, like the people in Deuteronomy 6, we feel surrounded by things we didn’t work for or earn and we become entitled…but, other times, we feel surrounded by opposition and others who are radically different, and we begin to feel alone and isolated…

-Where do you feel surrounded?

-In the midst of being surrounded, God promised the people that He was in their midst, that he was still with them.

-Sometimes, Egypt will look really good…sometimes, you will want to take Egypt with you.

-Where do you need a change of perspective?

-Big Idea: Sometimes, we (ab)use our freedom to create bondage. (again, my change here).

Thanks again to James for sharing last night.  As always, you can find the podcast later this week on iTunes or

I am excited to continue Freedom next Sunday night.

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