do what you can…

I let myself get distracted from opportunities because less than ideal circumstances exist.

I give up easily because I am overwhelmed by memories of past experiences gone wrong.

I let “energy vampires” suck out my passion and vision with their cynicism and negativity.

I try to get involved in so many things that I forget there are a few things that ONLY I can do.

Those are my confessions.  I begin this week with three simple ideas that I would like to unpack over the next three days with you.

All three are simple concepts.  Yet they have the power to change how we work and live.

1. Do what you can…

I listened to a mom yesterday.  She is involved in the political world, advising a powerful leader on an area of policy of major importance.  She is the mother of two young children, one with a very challenging condition.  As she shared, I recognized that she is doing incredible work in her area of influence publicly.  Yet, she is the only mother those kids have and the only wife to her husband.  At the end of the day, if she drops the ball at home, there is no one to do what ONLY she can.

The same applies for me.  I am not a mother, nor a father.  But there are places where if I do not do something, it won’t get done.  Yeah, I may have limited influence and authority, but I do have some.  There are places where I determine what culture, leadership, direction, and vision look like.  And I am responsible and accountable for those things.

I am consistently reminded of my imperfection.  This morning, I went to the eye doctor, claiming that I couldn’t see clearly with my contacts.  Trouble was…they were in the wrong eyes.  BRILLIANT!  In the midst of this kind of reminder experience, I recognize that I have limited power, opportunity, and awareness.

Yet, imperfection and the ability to fail should not stand in the way.  There are things that you and I know we must do this week.  Opportunities for us to seize, conversations to have, ideas to implement, and projects to initiate.

What do you need to do?  Setting aside all the things that could deter you, commit to do what you can today.

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